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Garment Care

Washing: Always advisable to wash all garments inside out

Ironing: Always ensure correct temperature settings while ironing uniforms. Do not iron over printed area on any garment.

Tumble drying: Most garments are best dried naturally. Never tumble dry a pleated garment - always hang up on a suitable hanger to dry.

Pilling / Bobbling
What and Why?

Most often, knitted garments are prone to pilling; some more than others. This is mainly due to friction or rubbing against another object, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the garment is faulty. Pilling can also be caused due to any of the following:

  • External friction.
  • Heat generated by individual wearing the garment.
  • Washing garment at incorrect temperatures or with other fabrics that will rub against it.
  • Tumble drying at high temperatures which cause the fibre to be drawn out.

Fluffing : Some garments seem ‘fluffed up’ after a short period of wear. This is due to the surface fibre from the yarn coming up. This yarn is slightly hairier and disappears with subsequent wash and wear cycles. If the fibres do not wash away, various devices can be used to remove the excess fibre and once removed the garment is unlikely to pill again.

Best practice : Turn garments inside out when washing. If pilling does occur it will settle down after a few washes. However, if pilling is excessive, please feel free to return to us for assessment.

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